From this horrendous mess…

and this nonfunctional lunchbox…

to this well-stocked, organized mending kit! It’s amazing how much more pleasant my supplies are to use when I’m actually able to find what I’m looking for. Not pictured: my darning egg, currently in use 🙂

This soft handle is stuffed with tiny scraps of fabric, yarn, and sewing thread — I love finding ways to reuse materials that would normally be thrown away! It’s a huge upgrade from the plastic manufactured handle, which I couldn’t even fit my hand in. 

Several years ago I accidentally got some epoxy on this Betty White shirt while making a batch of ceramic magnets — the sensory aspect of it creeped me out so much (crunchy!!) that I stopped wearing the shirt altogether. I just found it in a stack of old textiles and had an epiphany! Since I already felt it was unwearable, why not just cut the crunchy spots out and patch them up? So I did, and I am happy to report that this project turned the whole garment around immediately. Problem solved 🙂

I’m so happy with how these came out! These headphones have been good to me, but the pleather started cracking and peeling off a while ago as it’s wont to do. I can’t stand that! So I decided to do something about it. I picked a couple of scraps with a lot of stretch from my fabric stash and sewed them right on the peeling headphone band. So much more enjoyable to use now!!

My front door looks so naked! I made a wreath for the holidays, but its best days are long behind it now, and I want some color for springtime! Luckily we still had a ton of grapevine cuttings from last fall — I decided to soak them and see how many wreath forms I can get out of them. The first bathtub batch yielded a wreath and a half. (Not bad!) I’ve still got plenty more to soak but also I’m having fun thinking about how to style them. I’m thinking moss? Stay tuned…

C’est 1er avril — le temps du poisson d’avril ! So I made a paper fish for someone special.

Fixed a hole in this ancient flannel robe…now it’s cozy again 🙂

I finished this one-of-a-kind, glammed-up Valentines garland halfway through the day today so…I’m gonna leave it up for a while! ❤️ It was a really fun way to use up a bunch of tiny treasures and scraps of materials I’d been saving — ribbons, beads, rhinestones, tassels, dollar store ponies, cell phone charms, aluminum foil, broken earrings, etc etc etc. The finished piece includes weaving, embroidery, appliqué, and collage, among other techniques.

A friend of mine is starting a group for artists and crafters to meet up (virtually!) and work on projects together, so I made this little cover image for the group! I’m really looking forward to these hangouts, especially since I haven’t been able to visit friends in so long. I need that creative companionship!!