Our puppy Trevor and I collaborated on this little pawprint ornament to celebrate his first Christmas season! We adopted him in April and he’s almost a year old now! He has added so much fun and laughter and love to our household, I can’t imagine it without him anymore.

A miniature marionette, with the help of an amazing puppet-making book from the ’50s! Fully the most insane object I have ever attempted to make.

Making a birthday card for a friend… 🙂

Human teeth, porcelain

When life surgically removes your wisdom teeth, you go to the studio and make yourself some more.


This forest magic teapot is spoken for, but I’d like to revisit this theme in the future! Maybe a dinner service?


I have another project going on my loom at the moment so I wove this piece on a cardboard box! It’s sewn onto a dowel for easy hanging and backed with a nice soft cotton jersey. Check out the finished piece here.