This was SUCH a challenging project — I spent so much time experimenting with different materials, had so many false starts. It worked out in the end! At first I was thinking maybe papier-mâché but ended up using modeling clay. I think papier-mâché would be so fun for puppets at a little bit larger scale though! 

Our puppy Trevor and I collaborated on this little pawprint ornament to celebrate his first Christmas season! We adopted him in April and he’s almost a year old now! He has added so much fun and laughter and love to our household, I can’t imagine it without him anymore.

A miniature marionette, with the help of an amazing puppet-making book from the ’50s! Fully the most insane object I have ever attempted to make.

A little emotional processing project…

Cut paper, ticket, confetti, and mesh produce packaging on 3×5 index card

Making a birthday card for a friend… 🙂

Human teeth, porcelain

When life surgically removes your wisdom teeth, you go to the studio and make yourself some more.