I have not been organized enough lately to really participate in #MendMarch (although I’ve been having fun watching everybody else 👀 and yes, working through my own perpetual mending pile) — but I had to submit this for the PLAY prompt, even if it’s a little late!

I thrifted this vintage Sorry! game in great condition, the only thing wrong with it being that it was missing two pieces. When I was looking at it in the shop I hesitated a moment and almost put it back for someone else to find, but then I thought about how I could solve the problem! It would have been simpler to just replace the missing pieces with a couple of beads or something, but I got really excited about the challenge of making my own replacement pieces. So that’s what I did! I used a scrap of fabric, a bead, and a nickel (to weight the bottom) for each piece.

#mendmarchplay #mendmarch2024 #visiblesmending #boardgames #repairdontreplace

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