The urgent ecological crises we collectively face are always on my mind. In my personal life, it’s essential to me that I do my best to live in mutually-beneficial relationship with Earth, to continually think about the role I play in local and global ecosystems. It also feels necessary to me to bring my creative work into alignment with this value as much as I can, seeking not just to reduce environmental harm but also to actively collaborate with nature to generate something mutually rewarding. Here are some of the ways I am trying to do that:

As a potter, I create pieces intended to be used for a long time, in direct antithesis to “throwaway culture.” Because I am fortunate to be able to work from a home studio, I have no need to commute, and I am also forced to be more attentive to the direct effects of my work on my surroundings. For instance, the fact that my studio’s water supply is also my home’s (finite) well reminds me to be mindful of my water usage and encourages me to find ways to clean and recirculate the same water through my studio many times. The kiln I use to fire my ceramic pieces is rated highly for energy efficiency, and I fire less frequently to ensure that each kiln load is as full as possible.

In my textile practice, I find recycled fabrics very exciting to work with. There is an endless volume of these materials to use much more than enough to go around but the nature of working with items like secondhand garments or household goods means that the quantity of any given fabric I have access to is inherently limited, and I enjoy the challenge of making the most out of this kind of limitation. I also love the potential for worn-out or damaged materials to be diverted from landfills and continually renewed through repair and repurposing! When I do purchase materials new, my strong preference is for natural fibers, as they are not only biodegradable but I find the textures enjoyable to work with. My textile work is zero-waste; even the smallest offcuts and scraps get used.

In my shop, I reuse shipping materials whenever possible. The packages I mail are not the most aesthetically beautiful, but I find that in addition to reducing my shipping-related environmental footprint, this also helps keep customer costs significantly lower. When it is necessary for me to purchase shipping materials new, I look for post-consumer recycled and biodegradable options. Free local pickup is also available in Machias, ME. Please contact me to arrange local pickup of any purchase!