I’m finally beginning a major mending project on this beloved hoodie I’ve been wearing for ~20 years. The fabric has become transparent in many places, the zipper is broken, the grommets are tearing away… I’m not only looking forward to being able to put this piece back in my regular rotation, but excited about the process of caring for it through extensive repair!

Here’s a before/after showing what a huge difference the new flannel lining is making:

It’s pretty significant! Obviously it will also be much warmer. This is a great project to sit and do on the couch watching a tv show too. I’m putting the lining in piece by piece, which is a little finicky, but once basted it goes much faster. I decided to do all the non-structural stitching intuitively, changing techniques based on my mood or what shapes it feels like my fingers want to stitch right now.

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