We believe the things we believe because of a weave of (accidents of birth, cognitive biases, xyz), and the process of changing our minds is complex, often fraught with false starts. My own childhood was one steeped in magical thinking designed to keep me off-guard and codependent, rooted in dogma, enforced by family and community. Though we were Victorian in aesthetic and social values, I later learned of a wilder side to our pious ideological ancestors--the free love movement, the spiritualist attempts to dazzle and to connect with other worlds, organized protest and upheaval--and as I have changed and grown, it is this “hidden history” that continues to drive my creative practice.

My work investigates the subversive elements of social rituals, the psychology of belief, and queer culture. By pairing colors and imagery associated with childhood with the darker underbelly of what is considered socially acceptable, I explore family relationships and the process of growing up and finding our own way(s) to be “good.” My pieces are designed for use in personalized ritual, drawing from Jung’s understanding of the shadow self and LaVey’s sense of the redemptive power of psychodrama.